Spiritual Life

We Can Strengthen Your Child’s Relationship with Christ

As a Christian school, we at Carrollton Christian Academy are committed to integrating Christ into everything we do. Whether it is academics, arts, or athletic programs, our teachers constantly strive to involve biblical teachings so your child can grow as a Christian. While we have weekly chapels and Bible classes for both Lower and Upper School students, our spiritual teachings extend beyond those. Teachers instill a biblical worldview and biblical principles in every subject whenever possible.

Our Upper School chapel offers various spiritual benefits such as:

  • Prayer
  • Guest speakers
  • Meditating on Scriptures
  • Students receive blessings
  • Singing of the Gospel in both “old” and “new” songs

Our students are also encouraged to participate in service projects and giving opportunities. CCA is partnered with a Christian school in Guatemala and take interested students on mission trips every year during spring break. Do you have questions regarding our chapel services or academic programs? Please call us today at (972) 242-6688.

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What Sets CCA Apart

  • Dual College Credit Courses Available
  • Outstanding Before & After School Programs
  • Welcoming Domestic & International Students
  • CCA Graduates Attend Top Colleges & Universities
  • CCA Prepares Students For College Career Path
  • Fully-Accredited 9-12, College-Preparatory Academy
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